Time recording with a flexitime account

...even during an event, using the SmartPhone WebApp.

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Fast, easy recording of hours worked by your staff

GigPlaner automatically keeps a record of your staff’s working hours, which runs in the background. For permanent staff GigPlaner provides the option of operating a flexitime account, accessible by the staff member at any time, based on these working hours. All important functions such as holiday and sickness notifications, flexi days and automatic deduction of breaks are of course also provided.

Flexitime overview

Fast, easy recording of hours worked

Your staff can enter the hours they have worked for a particular event at any time. They can do this not only conveniently at home or in the office, but also immediately during an event. The GigPlaner WebApp has an automatic time clock, specially developed for convenient recording of working hours and breaks. There is also a special display for tablets, which enables you to install a simple time clock on your premises.

iPhone time clock

Optimum flexibility and overview

GigPlaner uses a variety of setting options and displays to offer you the best possible overview of the current status of your staff’s working hours. In addition to functions such as automatic deduction of breaks when defined working hours are exceeded, all working hours can also be shown in a clear display.

Flexitime overviewWorking hoursInvoicing period

Clear time statements in hardcopy format

All time statements can be displayed, printed and archived in PDF format. This means that all information can easily be archived in hardcopy format.

Working hours in PDF format

Generate invoices based on hours worked by your staff.

If you invoice clients for hours worked by your staff on an hourly basis, you can use GigPlaner to generate invoices quickly and easily from the time statements. These incorporate the hours worked by your staff at daily, hourly and flat rates which you can define as required. It is of course also possible to make these invoices completely anonymous if you so wish.

Simple time recording using defined specifications

Working hours

Comprehensive approval process for working hours

All working hours recorded by staff may be subjected to an approval process if desired. In this case, you receive notification if an employee records new working hours or later changes times that have already been recorded. These working hours can then be approved or rejected, and the employee concerned will also be notified. If an employee records working hours using the time clock, these are automatically considered to have been approved as they are recorded live during work.

Flexitime capping

Automatic flexitime capping

If your staff’s contracts of employment contain provisions for the forfeiture of overtime, these can be automatically implemented in GigPlaner. It is possible, for example, for a set number of overtime hours to be automatically forfeited at the end of each month provided a time credit of at least the same number of hours has accrued. It is also possible to cap overtime hours at the end of a month at a fixed value so that a maximum of a set number of overtime hours can be carried over to the next month.

Deduction of breaks

Automatic deduction of breaks

Your staff record not only their working hours in GigPlaner, but also breaks. If required, defined break times can be set, which GigPlaner automatically deducts from working hours at the end of each working day. These policies can of course be combined, in which case the breaks recorded by your staff in their time clock will be automatically adjusted by the system to the time pre-defined by you.

Payment of overtime

Payment of overtime

If an employee has built up a certain number of overtime hours these can be deducted, for example, if the staff member uses up flexi days. It is also possible to pay staff for overtime and in doing so to reduce the flexitime balance. In addition to the number of overtime hours, their equivalent value can of course also be recorded in GigPlaner, enabling you to maintain a constant overview of payments made.

Recording GPS position

Recording GPS position

In addition to recording working hours with the GigPlaner time clock, you can also record an employee's current GPS position. This provides you with an additional means of monitoring and your staff with extra verification of the working hours that they have actually accrued. The GigPlaner time clock can thus provide meaningful data in the same way as an on-site time clock, with the difference that the former can be used on any Smartphone and in any location.

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GigPlaner - personnel planning for events

GigPlaner makes personnel planning for events faster and easier. The clear display in your web browser allows you to see your staff and/or member availability at a glance. With the GigPlaner Smartphone app, you can access data from anywhere.

The most economical GigPlaner tariff starts at just €5 per month. The highest tariff (Business Premium), which gives you the full range of functions, costs just €25 per month.