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Your personnel are the foundation stone of successful events

GigPlaner not only provides you with a full overview of your current personnel situation when planning events, but you can also create an individual profile for each staff member which the staff member can manage him or herself. You can manage which employee has access to what information by granting them the appropriate authorisation.

GigPlaner personnel management

Flexible access options

You can define rights for each employee in GigPlaner, as well as whether they should be allowed access to the application at all. This ensures that information on a particular event is only ever made accessible to those who actually need it.

Full access

Employees with the appropriate access can use all the features of GigPlaner to their full extent. It is also possible to define individual areas for which employees with full access may have either read access or read/write access. You can thus, for instance, specify staff members who are entitled to create their own events, or those who may view statements and time records for other employees.

Guest access

An employee with guest access can log into GigPlaner in the same way as any employee with full access, but may only access their own information. That means, for example, that they may only view events for which their services have been requested and they do not have access to the employee contact list. Guest access is particularly appropriate if you wish to manage freelance or external staff in GigPlaner.

No access

Do you want to schedule employees without informing them directly? You can do this with the "No access" option. These employees cannot log into GigPlaner and will not receive mails. In this case, arrangements have to be made manually. You can, however, add these staff to events and record their availability, so you can maintain a full overview in GigPlaner.

Maintain an overview

In addition to your staff master data, you can assign your own categories for your staff and organise them by categories in order to help you to find the right staff as quickly as possible. This gives you fast access to all employees in a specific category for any request.

Employee categoriesEmployee profileEmployee enquiry

Payroll and time records for internal and external staff

With its wide range of payroll and statements, time recording and holiday management features, GigPlaner is ideal for many personnel concepts, including when there is a mixture of events. You can record working hours for your permanent staff using the time clock and simultaneously compile statements for freelancers and temporary staff by the hour or at a fixed rate.



Employee skill levels

Categories and skill levels

You can choose as many freely definable categories for each employee as you wish. At the same time you can organise your staff by skill level within categories using a simple star system. This enables you to filter staff quickly and easily when you have a request, and find those best suited to a specific event.

Emergency contact data for staff

Emergency contact data

GigPlaner can also cater for emergencies. Every employee can store any number of contacts for emergency use. This is particularly important if your employees are on tour in teams that are constantly changing. Data protection is, of course, taken very seriously in this case, so this information is only accessible to those employees with the necessary rights.

Employee certificates

Employee certificates

In order that you can always find the right staff for each task, GigPlaner allows each employee to store their own certificates. When planning a gig or event you can then filter out and select staff using these certificates. If appropriate, the application also notes if a certificate has expired. Any type of certificate may be stored, as well as information such as that relating to possession of a driving licence for a specific vehicle class.

Request freelance staff

Freelance staff

You may not always want to store data on all the staff you work with in your software immediately. This applies particularly to staff who, for example, provide temporary assistance. In these cases GigPlaner offers the option of including freelance staff (simple text field with staff data) in a query. You then have the option of recording their availability for the respective event in GigPlaner.

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GigPlaner - personnel planning for events

GigPlaner makes personnel planning for events faster and easier. The clear display in your web browser allows you to see your staff and/or member availability at a glance. With the GigPlaner Smartphone app, you can access data from anywhere.

The most economical GigPlaner tariff starts at just €5 per month. The highest tariff (Business Premium), which gives you the full range of functions, costs just €25 per month.