Exporting events to your home page

Let GigPlaner maintain your event diary

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Save yourself the onerous task of maintaining different data bases.

Many companies, and particularly bands and clubs, maintain a diary of their events on their home page. This involves recording and saving every event multiple times. GigPlaner has a special export function for this purpose which shares events directly onto your home page. Retrieval of events for this is carried out automatically through the home page concerned in either html or xml format, according to your preference.

Exporting events

Simple integration of your events

GigPlaner events can be integrated into your home page in html format (e.g. as an iFrame file or over a link). Anyone who is more deeply involved in designing web pages has the option of calling up events in xml format and integrating these into their home page as desired. This allows events to be optimally integrated into the home page layout.


Are you having problems integrating events into your home page?

Our Support team will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in choosing and configuring the best option.

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GigPlaner - personnel planning for events

GigPlaner makes personnel planning for events faster and easier. The clear display in your web browser allows you to see your staff and/or member availability at a glance. With the GigPlaner Smartphone app, you can access data from anywhere.

The most economical GigPlaner tariff starts at just €5 per month. The highest tariff (Business Premium), which gives you the full range of functions, costs just €25 per month.