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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the maximum number of users that can be created?

GigPlaner can manage an unlimited number of members or staff. The number may, however, be limited, depending on the tariff. If a user is deleted when the tariff has a restriction on user numbers, the space left is free for a new user.


Can individual users be granted restricted rights?

Every user can be provided with rights as required. In addition to normal users, who can create and process events or staff, for instance, or have access to GigPlaner settings according to the rights assigned to them, the option exists to create users as “guests”. Guests are subject to additional restrictions and, for example, they cannot access staff data and they may only view events to which they have been added.


How many events can be created for any one day?

There is no limit to the number of events that can be created and managed for each day. There may be some restriction on the maximum number of events, however, according to the particular tariff.


How many members or staff can be added to an event?

Any number of registered users may be added to an event.


Can staff working hours be specified?

In addition to a variety of different request types, GigPlaner also offers the option of assigning working hours to staff. This function is activated if you chose the default settings for companies when registering. Alternatively, you can activate the option in Administration under the Events > Requests sub-option. To save working hours relating to a request, click on the clock symbol on the line for the relevant employee within an event.


With what browsers is GigPlaner compatible?

GigPlaner supports all modern web browsers. The individual characteristics of respective browsers may, however, lead to some features not being available either in whole or in part. We recommend using GigPlaner with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.


What Smartphones are supported by the GigPlaner WebApp?

The GigPlaner WebApp is based on current Internet standards and can therefore be accessed and used on the browsers of most up-to-date Smartphones. iPhone and Android users also have the option to save the application on the home screen and access it directly from there, as with other apps. You can test whether your Smartphone supports the WebApp during your 30-day use of the demo version.


How do I access the GigPlaner WebApp?

If your Smartphone does not give you automatic access to the WebApp, you can access it under


Can the calendar be linked with a calendar program (Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar)?

Any user may subscribe as an iCalendar file to the events for which they are entered. The file can be read and automatically accessed by many calendar programs. This allows you to view all relevant events entered in GigPlaner in your personal calendar whenever you wish.

In some tariffs it is also possible to subscribe to other calendar applications in GigPlaner. This enables you to view your personal appointments in GigPlaner at any time. If you wish, a calendar subscription can also generate holiday applications in GigPlaner.


For how long is data stored?

All data is kept until the tariff expires. They are then available for a further month in order to allow the tariff to be extended. It is not possible, however to create and plan any new events. At the end of this month, all data is completely deleted.


Can data be exported (backed up)?

GigPlaner includes an export function with which you can download your GigPlaner database to a computer and save it there. If necessary, a copy of the database saved in this manner can be copied back to GigPlaner by our support staff.

In addition to this general export function, GigPlaner also offers the option in many places (e.g. in Statistics) of saving specific information in a document (e.g. as a PDF file) or as raw data (CSV lists).

Please note that, for technical reasons, documents saved for individual events can only be backed up at lengthy intervals, and under the default setting they are automatically deleted 30 days after the date of the event.


Which users may select or extend GigPlaner tariffs?

GigPlaner tariffs can only be selected or extended by users who are also registered with GigPlaner at This right may be assigned to another user in justified cases. Please contact Support if you need to discuss this.


What types of company may be interested in GigPlaner?

GigPlaner is, in principle, suitable for any company involved in events and which selects staff specifically for each event. In addition to technical service providers for events, this includes caterers, clubs and discotheques, and security services. It is also suitable for use by bands, clubs and companies wishing to plan, for example, sales events.


Has your question not been answered?

We would be happy to answer any other questions you may have. The quickest method is to send an email to our Support staff.


GigPlaner - personnel planning for events

GigPlaner makes personnel planning for events faster and easier. The clear display in your web browser allows you to see your staff and/or member availability at a glance. With the GigPlaner Smartphone app, you can access data from anywhere.

The most economical GigPlaner tariff starts at just €5 per month. The highest tariff (Business Premium), which gives you the full range of functions, costs just €25 per month.